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Energy Leadership™ in Relationships: A 7-Week Journey

Who do you want to be in your work relationships?

Everything we create comes to life through relationships – to our teams, our clients, our partners, and even our marketplaces. Leaders who cultivate the ability to navigate relationships seem to generate results more easily, because they naturally build high-trust collaborative teams, and elegantly create through disruptions and conflict.

Energy Leadership in Relationships will take you on a journey of building this relationship mastery ‘muscle.’

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Leapers, Bridge Builders and Tradition Holders: A Simple and Elegant New Way to Work with Change

“Collaboration is the number-one trait CEOs are seeking in their employees.”
~ IBM CEO Study 2012



Change leaders can easily get stuck in a common dilemma: communicate incomplete information in the name of transparency and create chaos. Or, erode engagement and trust with updates that seem after the fact.

Now there is a simple and elegant way to build agility in preparation for any big change, regardless of where you are in the communications cycle. We start by introducing the three response styles to change and exploring the essential contributions of each. A powerful shift in the conversation occurs as a group realizes that all styles are valued, and then gets curious about how to leverage the best of each style. By the end, the system is more aware of itself and ready to adopt new ways of operating.

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Systems Leadership Intensive: Core Skills for the New World of Complexity

“In short, the basic problem with the new species of global institutions is that they have not yet become aware of themselves as living.”
Presence~Senge et al.

Most organizations are faced with perpetual increases in complexity and need their leaders to be constantly up leveling their capacity to resiliently influence the systems they are in. This powerful and fresh leadership development experience is ideal for internal consultants, high potential leader programs, and management consultants who work with senior level leadership teams.

Participants complete this workshop with more ability to create cultures of positive interaction, build morale, increase productivity, identify sources of negativity and influence more productive ways of interaction, and be overall more capable to handle mergers, acquisitions, downsizing and growth.

Conflict in the Age of Wisdom

If you change the way you look at things. The things you look at change.
~Wayne Dyer

Conflict in workplace relationships is predictable, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Once we realize that much of what we’ve been taught about conflict doesn’t actually serve us, it invites fresh perspective that increases individual and collective effectiveness. If you are preparing for large-scale change, or just want to rekindle the spark on your team, this lively program will boost team creativity and confidence.

It starts with exploring conflict with a new lens. This is followed with powerful techniques that participants can use to transform team tangles and hotspots into reliable sources of cohesion, growth and creativity.

Collective Smarts: Tapping The Wisdom in Your Team System

“None of us is as smart as all of us.”
~Kenneth H. Blanchard

Many people believe that there is indeed an aspect of collective wisdom in the organization, but where? And, how exactly do leaders access it?

If your group is launching or refreshing an initiative, and could use a dose of its own collective smarts, this interactive presentation lets a team experience it real time, and then decide how to take the ‘wise’ system perspective forward into its work. Participants leave with an expanded view of what is happening in their team or organizational system, as well as increased sense of connection among members.

One World: Integration Retreat For In Tact Teams

“Alignment and Agreement are different. One creates cohesion and forward movement. The other is an ideal that gets our teams fragmented or stuck.”
~Shannon K. Schultz

This program is for intact teams struggling with ‘silo freeze’ or who would just like a refreshing and experiential reminder of the powerful interconnections between their groups.

Teams leave with more understanding and empathy in their environment, and with an increased ability for cross-functional strategy development, decision-making, and executing for results.

Performance & Energy: Mindset Tools for Leaders

“We can’t solve problems with the same thinking that we used when we created them.”
~Albert Einstein

 A 1-day exploration into your most valuable leadership asset: mindset.

Most organizations are faced with perpetual increases in complexity and need their leaders to be constantly up leveling their capacity to influence the systems they serve. They need leadership programming that is both powerful and fresh, and works with the issues most pressing and relevant to leaders.

If you are someone who leads or advises teams, and would like to recharge and ignite the leadership capability among them, this daylong experience would be a great part of your line up. Performance & Energy: Mindset Tools for Leaders is a day of exploration into what drives performance and how to work with it. Using your situations and scenarios, we practice new ways of approaching old situations in order to get better results without so much heavy lifting.

Participants complete this workshop with more ability to notice and re-direct their motivation and more effectively navigate conflict and inspire creativity.

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