“Alignment and Agreement are different. One creates cohesion and forward movement. The other is an ideal that gets our teams fragmented or stuck.” ~ Shannon K. Schultz

You’re a seasoned consultant who continuously invests in development for yourself and your consulting team so you stay on the leading edge. SCG offers a 90-day program that will expand your capacity and toolkit to have more influence, confidence, impact and purpose as you lead client teams.

Collective Performance Basics for Consultants

Understanding the collective performance parameters of your client teams is imperative to your credibility and the results you get. If you want a proven approach that jumpstarts your progress with client teams, this 90-day experience will teach you yet another layer of signals to watch and work with, as well as some new techniques for skillfully influencing collective performance.

‘The Basics’ includes:

  • Powerful new techniques for up-leveling a team culture and neutralizing toxic communication dynamics
  • An approach to quickly recognize a team’s growth edge and strengths to leverage for moving forward
  • New leadership practices for team agreements, accountability and communication

Consultants who complete this are able to:

  • Identify and influence a team’s atmosphere and collective results
  • Notice and name personal communication patterns and how they influence the team environment
  • Make and keep team agreements, navigate team tensions and reverse toxic communication patterns

Leadership Coaching

Coaching is a powerful process that supports accelerated professional development, and oftentimes personal transformation. Leaders who get the most from coaching are people with a deeply held belief in their potential, and who have the courage to explore the things that matter most to them.

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