Leadership Teams

“None of us is as smart as all of us.”  ~ Kenneth H. Blanchard

You have great people. Individually they are talented. Collectively they have tremendous potential, but you don’t know how to leverage it. You want your leaders to raise their game as individuals and as a team. You need them to step up, commit to team results, have more courage and be more skillful at influencing one another.

Our programs deliver. We start with your team’s growth edge, and then take a systems approach to build the collective performance of the team.

Team Integration Intensive

If your team is preparing for a major transition, or just struggling to move forward together after an organizational merger or shift in focus, this 6-month experience increases resilience levels of individual members and accelerates getting the team to new levels of collective functioning.

The Intensive includes:

  • Practical models for change theory and broadened perspective
  • A quantitative diagnostic profile that points to the team’s growth edge
  • High-leverage practices that build essential leadership intelligences in individuals while up-leveling the accountability and communication dynamics on the team

Leaders complete the experience with:

      • More personal resilience and confidence
      • More understanding, curiosity and empathy for all groups in the ‘other’ camps
      • Increased ability to get aligned across divergent and dissonant groups
      • Increased capacity for strategic thinking, expert listening and representing diverse perspectives
      • More energy and attention on organizational goals and objectives

Collective Performance Basics

If you have a new team you’d like to jumpstart for success or one that has developed some bad habits that needs to re-calibrate, this 90-day experience will show your leaders how to recognize what’s happening and how to skillfully influence it.

‘The Basics’ includes:

      • A team diagnostic profile that indicates the team’s growth edge and strengths to leverage for moving forward
      • A simple approach for neutralizing toxic team dynamics
      • New leadership practices for accountability, communication and conflict

Leaders complete this experience more able to:

      • Identify and influence the team’s atmosphere and collective results
      • Notice and name personal communication patterns and how they influence the team environment
      • Make and keep team agreements, navigate team tensions and reverse toxic communication patterns
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