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Energy Leadership™ in Relationships: A 7-Week Journey

Who do you want to be in your work relationships?

Everything we create comes to life through relationships – to our teams, our clients, our partners, and even our marketplaces. Leaders who cultivate the ability to navigate relationships seem to generate results more easily, because they naturally build high-trust collaborative teams, and elegantly create through disruptions and conflict.

Energy Leadership in Relationships will take you on a journey of building this relationship mastery ‘muscle.’ It begins with reconnecting you to your personal energy profile* so you start getting intentional about the most important relationship – the one with yourself. From there we practice building your capability to lead more effectively through your work relationships.

By the end, you will be more confident and capable to:

  • Make conflict productive and turn disturbances into win-wins
  • Consistently build trust and cohesion in partnerships or teams
  • Access hidden signals and information about what a work relationship needs to thrive
  • Remove personal blocks that keep you from aligning within yourself and with others.


Expect to be surrounded by other leaders who are committed to conversations where it is safe to celebrate your wins and harvest the wisdom from your misfires.

The first four sessions will focus on applying energy levels in relationships. You will learn how to tap into the wisdom of the relationship and then look at these dynamics through a new lens. You will also get a simple, and remarkable, tool for bringing positivity into the relationship, even when it is filled with tension or recycling drama.

In the next three sessions, you will map your signature pattern for handling disruptions, get clarity about self-defeating behaviors, and practice ‘de-triggering’ yourself when the pattern is activated.

Consider the many types of relationships you could bring into this experience: a work colleague, client or boss, a team you are leading, or someone in your family system.

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Leader Reflections About SCG’s Programs

“I have become a more effective leader and human.”

“Invest the time…it will pay great dividends; and doing it with a group that will engage fully is magical.”

“It is more than just about leadership. It’s about recognizing your true potential.”