Great leaders are continuously growing, and stay mindful of their leadership edges. If you’re looking for more acceleration, grace, ease, confidence, energy, inspiration or purpose on your path, then you’re in the right place. SCG offers leadership coaching and team strategy sessions to support you.

Leadership Coaching

Coaching is a powerful process that supports accelerated professional development, and oftentimes personal transformation. Leaders who get the most from coaching are people with a deeply held belief in their potential, and who have the courage to explore the things that matter most to them.

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Team System Strategy Session

Teams are living systems. Leaders who recognize this gain tremendous access to the wisdom and collective potential of the whole. It requires a new perspective and a fast way to learn more about this advanced approach is with a Team Strategy Session.

This 90-minute conversation introduces you to a simple model and assessment that takes a snapshot of what is happening in the team system, and then points to the untapped strengths and core blocks to progress. You will get more clarity about the next steps to take with one or two new leadership practices to apply immediately.

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