Our Work

We guide leadership teams to optimize their collective performance so that they become potent and unstoppable. Our programs give leaders the basics they need to build clarity, skill and cohesion in their leadership teams, and throughout their organization.

Our approach inspires greatness and calls forth the vast creative capacity in leaders. It holds leadership development and leadership team optimization as wholly heroic pursuits. Our work is rooted in the following best practice perspectives:

We Are Meaning-Making Machines

  • Seek Leverage in Perspective. The way we see things has direct and immediate impact on our experience and our ability to respond and perform.
  • Seek Leverage in Patterns. Predictably, our strengths are both the seeds of personal greatness and the breadcrumbs to follow into what is blocking personal and organizational performance.

Leadership Is a Practice

  • Know Your Creative Process. People can accelerate any learning curve by knowing and refining their own unique creative process.
  • Be Intentional with Your Practicing. Structure matters and the ‘container’ we create for practicing new ways of doing and being directly impacts the speed, quality and sustainability of our performance.

Change Takes Everyone

  • See Leaders in Every Level. Leadership is both a formal position with authority and a role that must be played by many people, at every level, even those who are in positions with limited-to-no formal authority.
  • See Positive Intent. Each of us has a deep desire to make significant contribution to positive change, even if the perspective that is voiced is unskillful, negative or volatile.
  • See People as Whole. Each of us is capable and competent of influencing and creating the outcomes and cultures we desire.