Me or We: What glasses will you wear today?

What’s happening, right now, in the world behind your eyes?

Are you focused on what’s wrong, who’s to blame, and how things aren’t as good as they used to be? Or, are you focused on what’s right, what’s possible and how to direct your team’s strengths toward the latest pursuit?

Our perspective is our ultimate leverage. The question is how do we use that perspective to create success and meaning in our lives.

One way to get started is to imagine you have a pair of magic glasses that lets you see more of what is really happening with the people around you. When you try this, empathy becomes wildly immediate, as does our ability to tune into ways to make your work and life more satisfying and powerful.

Here is a short vignette of a man who comes across a pair of these magic glasses, and it transforms his experience. Most of us can shift into this gear when someone reminds us. Let this be your reminder today.

Where is the one place where a ‘magic glasses’ perspective would have the biggest positive impact in the world today?

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