A Leadership Lesson from Bobby McFerrin

“Regardless of where I am, anywhere, every audience gets that.”

This is Bobby McFerrin explaining what just happened, to the stunned scientist-panel, as he sits down after  this performance. The unassuming audience has just helped him make an important point about people: we want to participate in a unified collective.

There’s another important point here for leaders: the audience knew something and naturally stepped into a solid performance of it, that no one had to teach them.

This phenomenon is not limited to the pentatonic scale.

When ground conditions are solid and signals are clear, the wisdom of a system routinely shines through. Perhaps not as instantaneously clever as this musical presentation, but when the potential of a group meets this innate desire for cohesion, the performance is just as miraculous.

What harmony is trying to come through your team system?



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